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10 best things to do in Tenerife

10 best things to do in Tenerife

10 best things to do in Tenerife

10 best things to do in Tenerife

Top 10 bucket list activities and attractions in Tenerife

Why Tenerife?

Tenerife is only a 2,5 – 5 hour flight from Europe destinations. It is closer to Africa than to Europe, but is also part of the EU. Tenerife is also one of the most popular destinations among Spanish coastline and the Canarian islands. 

Why is it popular?

There’s plenty of sunshine, the locals are friendly, the prices are reasonable, the food is delicious, the weather is good and the beaches are beautiful. Tenerife is the island of eternal spring, so you can holiday all year round on the largest of the Canary Islands. Whenever you travel to Tenerife, you can expect good weather . Tenerife also has a wealth of attractions and activities. Here’s what we’d like to present. 

When and at what time of year should you visit Tenerife?

You can go in all seasons, but we like February, May and November the most. Why? Because February has one of the best carnivals in the world in Tenerife.

May and November are perhaps the calmest months on the island, and airfares are more reasonable. There are several low-cost flights to Tenerife from Europe’s main cities.  A minimum of 1 week, but preferably 10/14 days, is recommended in Tenerife to explore and experience the island. 

Can you beach in Tenerife all year round?

Our answer is that you can go to the beach anytime. Tenerife has one of the best climates in the world. 

April to November is a good time to swim in the Atlantic Ocean, and there are more hours of sunshine.
However, it is often 25-30 degrees in winter in Tenerife and the sun is so strong that you can get sunburned if you don’t protect your skin. Because of the sun’s strength and the warmth, the water temperature is also pleasant, averaging around 19-20 degrees. In spring it is 20-22 degrees. In summer, of course, you can expect water temperatures of 23-25 degrees. And in autumn, the water temperature is around 22-24 degrees.
This is quite pleasant, which is why Tenerife is often referred to as the island of eternal spring. 


Tenerife attractions: the most beautiful cities of Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The capital of Tenerife, located on the north-east coast of the island.

The capital’s most famous beach is Las Teresitas, where locals love to go for sunbathing and swimming next to the huge breakwaters. It’s like Rio de Jainero’s Copacabana beach for locals. There are many cocktail bars and cafés on one of Tenerife’s most beautifully developed beaches.

The capital’s main square, Plaza de España, is also its symbol and is famous for its architecture and central location. It is a frequent meeting place for locals, especially during the Tenerife Carnival, which starts in February. It is also compared to Rio de Janeiro carnival in this respect.

During the carnival, locals dress up in funny costumes and choose the best dance schools and the carnival queen. It is worth visiting the Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa.

This is a bustling European – African and South American market selling fresh local produce, flowers and traditional Canarian goods.

The local vendors are very friendly, so you can sample some of the Canarian delicacies. La Palma honey and Canarian goat’s cheese are famous, but there is also a huge selection of tropical fruits to choose from.

La Laguna

Officially known as San Cristóbal de La Laguna, it is a historic town in the north of the island of Tenerife, which has almost completely merged with Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The two towns are connected by a single tram line. You can get to some great places by tram.

La Laguna is also a university town, home to several prestigious university faculties. Many students live their daily lives in the city, so every day is a living day. The historic centre of La Laguna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most Spanish cities in Tenerife, where culture dominates. The streets are really atmospheric in the evenings.

However, it is also worth pointing out that the pinnacle of Tenerife gastronomy is to be found here. The best new wave and traditional restaurants, bars, cafés and pastry shops can be found here. It’s worth trying Serrano ham with fine Tenerife wines at a local tapas bar, or local dishes such as conejo en salmorejo (rabbit in marinade) or papas con mojo (potatoes with spicy sauce).

La Orotava and Puerto de La Cruz 

The town of La Orotava is also located on the north side and is close to the oceanfront town of Puerto de La Cruz. As La Orotava is built on the mountainside, it is famous for the wines of the area – even mentioned by Shakespeare in his notes – and for its historic quarter.

In Puerto de La Cruz, the huge artificial oceanfront pool of Lago Martinez is located in a leisure park of around 100 000 square metres.

Icod de Los Vinos 

It is a northern town of nearly 25,000 inhabitants and the jewel in the crown of Tenerife. It is famous for its dragon tree, over 1000 years old, which is the trademark of Icod de Los Vinos and is visible from its main square.

At the same time, the weekend craft fair, also in the main square, and the Canarian Bodegas, or wine bars, the Casa de Platano (Banana House ) and the beautiful church, are testimony to the rich cultural heritage of this municipality.

In the Bodegas you can taste excellent Canarian wines and enjoy delicious tapas, and you can taste banana spirits, wine and delicious honey at the Banana House, where you can learn about the history of the banana fields and taste very interesting bananas, such as the red banana.

Tenerife’s natural attractions and unique places

1. Teide Volcano & Teide National Park

The symbol of the Canary Islands and Tenerife, Teide is the highest point in Spain at 3,715 metres and the third largest volcano in the world, after the Hawaiian volcanoes. Teide itself is a spectacular sight, both from the ocean and from the surrounding Canary Islands or the beaches of Tenerife. It is interesting to note that the Pico del Teide helped the Spanish conquistadors to navigate.

The conquest of Teide is literally a bucket list item on the island of Tenerife. Whatever the time of year, climbing Pico del Teide and visiting the Teide National Park is a must. The only way to reach the top of Teide is by hiking, on foot, with the right trekking boots. However, there is a choice of difficulty levels. You can get to Teide National Park by rented car. Teide National Park is a huge crater of rock, with a landscape of mars and moons.

2. Masca Gorge trail tour 

The Masca Valley is one of the most beautiful parts of the largest of the Canary Islands. This tiny mountain town of only 100 inhabitants is located in the northwestern part of Tenerife, in the Teno Mountains and National Park. The village and valley of Masca, at an altitude of 650 metres, is accessed by a very winding and narrow, but well-paved road.

The views along the way are amazing, with the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding three Canary Islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma. Masca hiking and  Carrizales water canyoning next to Masca Gorgeis also possible all year round. 

3. Anaga and surroundings

The Anaga laurel forest is one of the most precious natural treasures of Tenerife and the Canary Islands. Located in the north of Tenerife, Anaga is famous for its rich flora and fauna. The area is home to rare birds, among other species. It is renowned for its magnificent lush vegetation, fantastic hiking trails and magnificent panoramic views. There are hundreds of kilometres of well-maintained and adventurous trails through the Anaga Forest. Many times, locals can get lost in the Anaga by both car and on foot, so it’s well worth taking a guided Anaga hike. There are also canyoning opportunities in Anaga. Nature lovers and hikers should take a day to explore this beautiful place.

Don’t forget that conservation is important. When you visit Anaga laurel forest, leave as little footprint as possible and respect and protect the environment, in other words, take your rubbish, yes even your tissues, to the designated collection points. One of the most beautiful beaches in Anaga is Playa de Benijo.

However, there are programs, especially in the summer, where you can take a guided Anaga tour to explore both the laurel forest and the deserted beach, and take a water taxi back to the starting point. These places are accessible once a month, making the Anaga bean forest, beach and water taxi tour very popular.

4. Los Gigantes 

Los Gigantes is located in the southwest of Tenerife. These huge “rock towers” are a spectacular sight, with some cliffs reaching heights of up to 500 metres and ‘plunging’ into the ocean.

The Los Gigantes cliffs are a major tourist attraction in Tenerife and a popular destination for boat trips. The giant walls, which rise steeply out of the water, are a spectacular sight. They offer stunning views both from the boat and from the shore. If your accommodation is on the Costa Adej, it’s worth taking a half-day boat trip to see Los Gigantes, where the deep waters are home to native dolphin and whale species.

If you’re on the island of Tenerife, it’s well worth a visit to the cliffs of Los Gigantes for fabulous views and to enjoy the surrounding area and beaches such as Playa de La Arena.


Activities for the whole family in Tenerife

5. Boat trips – dolphin and whale watching

You’ve probably heard of Loro Parque in Tenerife. It’s one of the world’s best zoo. It is well worth a visit, and there is also a dolphin show. However, it is an artificial environment and although the little ones and the whole family really enjoy it, I personally prefer nature and the natural environment.

In the southern part of Tenerife, between Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes, there are native dolphin species. Larger whales also migrate regularly between the Canary Islands. The conditions are superb, the water is very deep and the food is plentiful.

To get as close as possible to the ocean wildlife, the best choice is a boat trip to Tenerife or a kayak & dolphin watching.

Alongside the boats, striped-backed dolphins swim at amazing speeds, bottlenose dolphins sometimes put on a big show and families of bottlenose dolphins can be seen hunting together for giant squid.

While the little ones prefer the themed pirate boat trips, the older ones are better catered for with a private yacht tour. For families with children over the age of 10, we recommend ocean kayaking in Tenerife.

6. Kayak dolphin and giant tortoise ambush

During ocean kayaking, dolphins often jump out of the water before the kayaks, creating a real dolphin show in their natural habitat.
Swimming with dolphins is banned in Tenerife, protecting the animals and their habitat, while kayaking dolphin dives offer the chance to snorkel with giant turtles in shallow waters. Giant tortoises are also native to Tenerife.

7. Canyoning tours and gorge trips in Tenerife

Tenerife has many valleys where you can practice the Spanish sport of barranquismo, or dry canyoning.

This means descending by rope into volcanic valleys that were formed thousands of years ago by volcanic lava, water and wind.

For Hungarians, this sport may seem little known and daunting, but with a qualified canyoning guide, barranquismo is a very enjoyable and easy to learn sport and experience. The permanent wet canyoning in Tenerife is Los Carrizales where there is the usual Hungarian bouncing, rope descents and natural sliding.

It is an incredibly interesting and beautiful volcanic valley with many natural pools. It is recommended for children from 14 years and adults who have done canyoning before. And the beginner valleys have smaller descents, bringing excitement and adventure for the whole family. Some valleys are accessible to children from the age of 10. These are dry valleys and descending the volcanic rock faces is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.


Would you tick these off your bucket list?

8. Teide stargazing and volcanic night

In Teide National Park, there is no light pollution so you can see the beautiful constellations, shapes and planets of the Milky Way, one of the clearest in the world. One of the best Teide stargazing activities is a tour led by an astronomer, which allows you to peer at the crystal clear sky through Tenerife’s largest and most professional portable telescope. The sky here is almost never cloudy and the celestial bodies are much closer to the eye.

9. Natural pool tour in Tenerife 

The really unique and good places are only known by the locals. With the help of a local guide, it’s worth exploring the natural pools that fill up with water at high tide. And at low tide, you can explore ocean caves. This requires knowledge and local knowledge, so it’s worth relying on the locals. Natural pool tours are available every month.

10. The best viewpoints in Tenerife – car, quad, bike or electric buggy

We have collected the most beautiful viewpoints in Tenerife for you to discover for yourself. In the north of Tenerife, above La Orotava, in good weather, you can enjoy magnificent views of the La Orotava valley and the Teide volcano from the Mirador de Homboldt lookout. Also to the north is the Mirador de Jardina, which overlooks the town of La Laguna and, in good weather, the Teide peak, the first lookout point on Anaga. It’s worth driving further into the interior of Anaga from here, as there are plenty of viewpoints and great places to visit.

In the south of Tenerife, one of the best views is from the Mirador Archipenque, from where you can admire the cliffs of Los Gigantes. A tip is to go early in the morning or at sunset. It’s true that the latter is where a lot of people tend to be, as it’s one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island.

Tenerife has super roads, and there are also many mountain roads, which are excellent to drive on. One of the best is to take a rental car up into the mountains, where there are many viewpoints of the surrounding Canary Islands, Atlantic Ocean, cities and nature.

Motorcycling and cycling enthusiasts can indulge their hobby, as there are plenty of mountain roads in Tenerife. For those who want to explore the banana plantations and interesting viewpoints, we recommend the Eco Buggy tour , which takes you to unique places in the south of Tenerife with a English or Spanish speaking guide.

Quad tours can take you to Teide National Park or Off – Road to the forested areas. For cyclists who want to cycle together either on a mountain bike, MTB or electric MTB, we recommend the bike tours.

One thing is for sure, Tenerife is the island of a thousand faces, where everyone can find their expectations and relax and be active at the same time.


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