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Teide hiking

Teide: the most important things to know and best Teide hiking tours

On a Teide hiking tour you can explore Teide National Park, the prehistoric crater, the dormant volcano and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and amazing Canary Islands view.

We’ve collected the best hikes from easy to extremely difficult. Also read our article to get a complete picture of the Teide hikes, or book the easy Teide peak tour, sunset Teide tour or sunrise Teide tours here easily.

Teide csúcs túra

What to know about Teide and Teide National Park?

  • The Teide National Park includes a volcanic crater and black pine forest. It is a huge crater one of the largest in the world
  • Teide peak is 3715 metres high above sea level, and the highest point of Spain
  • Teide Peak has high mountain air, with 30% less oxygen
  • Mount Teide is a dormant volcano on the island of Tenerife
  • A permit is required to reach the summit, which must be obtained 3-4 weeks before arrival, even for group hiking tours
  • Temperatures vary widely between 0°C and -4°C at night in summer and between 15°C and 25°C during the day on the Teide, but in winter the summit can be colder than this, with occasional snowfalls

How to get to the top of Teide?

  • You can go on foot at night or during the day if you have a permit
  • Using Teleferico cable car up to 3500 metres, from there you can go up to the summit on foot via a guided hiking Teide tour
  • Tip: if you want to see a beautiful volcanic pyramid shadow on the Atlantic Ocean, join us for a sunrise or sunset tour

Special Teide tours from easy to extreme levels:

Teide hiking tour – easy / moderate tour 

The easiest Teide summit hike is a combination of the Teleferico & walking tour. You can reach the top of Teide from 2400 meters altitude in just 1 hour. You will use the Teleferico cable car and then  an official mountain guide will take you to the summit.  We will arrange the permission and you will be in safety. The hike is daytime, morning, mid-morning or early afternoon. Total of 2-3 hour Teide activity.

Teide sunset hiking tour – moderate tour 

The start of the hike is essentially the same as for the easy Teide hiking. We take the Teleferico cable car up to an altitude of 3550 metres, from where we hike up to the top of Teide with a mountain guide. We organize the permission foy you. A special feature of the hike is that after reaching the summit, there is another 12-14 km hike downhill, and the sunset is at or near another of Tenerife’s magnificent volcanoes, Pico de Viejo.

As the sun sets, we can see the islands of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro in the distance, and then we are accompanied by the different wonderful colours, shades of blue, orange and pink. During the tour, you will see the shadow of one of the largest pyramids in the world in the Atlantic Ocean at sunset. On the Teide sunset hiking tour, all the constellations of the southern hemisphere and the Milky Way system appear above us after dark. Light and air pollution is a non-existent concept here. The tour ends around 11 – 12 pm. It is a spectacular experience, but also a tiring hike, recommended only for regular hikers.

Teide sunirise hiking – difficult / extreme level 

To go on extreme Teide hiking you need to have mountain trekking experience. Why? We start at night and hike from 2400m up to 3500m to the base camp, where we rest and then hike up to Teide at sunrise. You need a permit here too. We recommend  to go with an official mountain guide, as he is the one who will help you in extreme situations. The weather is very variable and there is a constant oxygen loss. From the top of Mount Teide, you can enjoy the shadow of one of the world’s largest volcanic cones, which stretches across the Atlantic Ocean. It is the most extraordinary sunrise spot in Tenerife. A sporting background and preparation are required for this tour. However, after a strenuous hike, you can go down by cable car in case of good weather conditions.

How to choose the right Teide tour for you?

  • Choose according to your level of fitness and health conditions
  • Keep in mind  this is a high mountain hike and above 3000 m sea level there is less oxygen
  • Tips: if you run, hike and a regular hiker, go for sunset or sunrise

Obligatory on all of Teide hiking tours

  • hiking boots (available on request for sunrise and sunset tours)
  • appropriate mountain clothing – underwear, warm hiking socks, hiking mask, gloves, hat, sunscreen (for day hikes)
  • 2-3 litres of fluids
  • food, energy snacks, chocolate, protein
  • small backpack 20-30 l

Why to join us for Teide hiking?

  • qualified mountain guides
  • the mountain guide has insurance
  • excellent contacts with mountain rescuers
  • you will receive  detailed information about the trek and Teide
  • lots of fun, friendships are formed during our tours
  • permission / entry to Teide peak at the “last moment” as well

Teide summit is a real bucket list activity in Tenerife. Get ready for this adventure.

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