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Holiday in Tenerife all year round

Holiday in Tenerife all year round

Holiday in Tenerife all year round

Holiday in Tenerife all year round

The island of eternal spring. You can enjoy your Holiday in Tenerife all year round. Whenever you travel to Tenerife, you can expect good weather. While temperatures in the south are around 25-30 degrees almost all year round. The north of the largest Canary Island is cloudier, wetter and colder in winter. It means 15-25 degrees. So don’t bring your winter jacket.

What are the must-see places on a holiday in Tenerife?

Starting with the Canary Islands. In total, there are 7 major volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Several smaller islands, collectively known as the Canary Islands. The largest of these islands is Tenerife, which is part of Spain and therefore part of the European Union.

Thanks to its southern exposure and excellent climate, Tenerife and the other Canary Islands are among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. As it is in the world. Especially in the autumn-winter period when the European continent is colder.

Nature  & Special places

Tenerife is home to, among other things like: volcanic mountains, varied volcanic gorges, unique lava fields. It has Spain’s highest point, Pico del Teide, at 3,715 metres. The Anaga in the north and the Masca in the south attract hikers and those who want to discover unique places.

Everyone wants to climb Pico del Teide, where the panoramic views of the Canary Islands are unrivalled and breathtaking. It’s now a must-do during your holiday in Tenerife.

The natural scenery is also incredibly varied. As you get from sea level all the way to the top of the volcanic crater. The summit of Mount Teide is worth hiking both at sunrise or sunset. It is important to get tickets for the tours early, as there is limited seating on the summit to avoid crowds.

It’s also worth mentioning that the road to the Teide National Park is very beautiful and varied. It is special because after cactus, palm trees and other mediterranean plants, you are greeted by pine forests and then lava fields.

Tenerife holidays – or sunbathing in the sun 

Tenerife has a wide range of beautiful beaches. Both the south and the north of the island have excellent beaches. There is something for everyone, with sandy beaches, rocky beaches and beaches with natural pools. We have collected the best beaches in Tenerife.

But the one we would like to highlight is Playa Del Duque. It boasts black sand and Saharan golden sand beaches. In our opinion, this is one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the south. From here you can find many coves and beaches either towards La Caleta or Los Cristianos.

Dolphins, whales, giant turtles and the Atlantic Ocean 

On our holidays in Tenerife, a dolphin or dolphin and whale watching, kayaking or boat trips are a must on the bucket list. Diving is also a great way to get to know the ocean life.

We hope that we have been able to help you with our article and make your Holiday in Tenerife all year round complete with any of these programmes.

If you want to get more tips, just read any of our other articles.
Or you can also look around for more informations on their official website: https://www.spain.info/en/region/tenerife-island/

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