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Feel the spring in winter.

If you are concerned about the weather, you shouldn’t because in Tenerife you won’t catch a cold easily. The temperature is more than ideal for hiking, sightseeing and for all outdoor activities which the island can offer you.

The average daily maximum temperature is 21.1 °C and you can count up to six hours of daily sunshine. There is only small chances of rain derive from the 41 mm average rainfall.

However if you still want to be inside than you can go to Mercado Municipal De La Laguna. It is the most vibrant marketplace on Tenerife. This is a great place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, dried herbs, local cheese, meat, and all things from the Canaries. This is alse where locals shop, so you can expect very reasonable prices and a buoyant atmosphere. 

Find the best culinary place on the island.

While it is not hard to find a good place because of the diverse palette of foods and exotic ingredients you can easily choose from the best. As for it, the best option is to go where to locals eat so you can try to avoid the most crowded places by tourists. Other people’s advices is that these could be a good fit for everyone.

Tenerife: "holiday in january"
Outside activities are still the best.

From the many options you can select from soft hiking to even extreme ones. The good thing is with the nice mountain breeze and the ideal temperature you can feel that nature is with you on your trip.

First you can try Roques de García Circuit Trail which is a short and easy walk exploring the iconic pinnacles of Roques Garcia and the iconic “Catedral” rock formations. The trail is 4.2 km and mostly flat that takes about 1:30 hours. Head to Mirador de la Ruleta to start the hike and enjoy the spectacular and varied views of Mount Teide and the sculpture-like rocks.

Another great choise is Punta de Teno with it’s rocky headland that forms the northwestern tip of Tenerife. Venture here for sunset and you’ll be treated to a natural light show featuring the mighty Los Gigantes cliffs. But plan ahead because the road to the point is restricted throughout most of the day.


Punta de Teno Lighthouse
Sunset in Tenerife
Sunset in Tenerife
Sunsets at their best.

If you are a much more romantic type of person or just want to surprise your beloved one. We have got your back.

The sights you’re seeking out Tenerife’s most gorgeous beaches and sunsets, so you’ll need to head to the golden Playa de Las Teresitas just north of Santa Cruz. Other great spots can be found in the black Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz. While the most outstanding views of the Los Gigantes cliffs are one of a kind. From there you can see how it is lighted up in shades of mahogany and crimson.

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