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SCUBA DIVING IN TENERIFE – from beginner level

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Colourful fish, octopus, stingray, giant turtle, starfish and much more…

Tenerife and the Canary Islands have some of the most interesting ocean life in Europe. Scuba diving in Tenerife is a wonderful experience, with underwater caves, interesting shipwrecks, amazing creatures and pleasant water temperatures in winter (19-22 degrees) and summer (23-26 degrees). The water is so clear that visibility is 20 m in most cases.

Your first experience underwater in an exciting environment in Tenerife. Usually you can see starfish, parrotfish, trumpet fish, rays, turtles, moray eels, in a volcanic environment. Dives are guided from complete beginner level “hand in hand”.

Dives are 2 hours in total:

  • Theoretical preparation and discussion.
  • Setup of equipment, dive signals in the water.
  • The dive starts at a depth of 3-4 metres and goes down to a maximum of 8-10 metres, but for more advanced divers it can be up to 20 metres
  • Average time in the water is 30-40 minutes

Important info: 

Ideal programme for couples, we often run pair dives. No dives above 1000m or flying for 24 hours after the dive. Diving is not allowed if you are pregnant! The weight limit is 110kg!  A dive leader can dive with a maximum of 2 people at the same time (beginner divers) – no diving or leveling underwater with a cold, blocked nose, sinus, ear canal!

To finalise your booking, please book your programme in the calendar. Please note that you can secure your place on the tour by paying a deposit.


Pay a 100% deposit per item


Tour Dates:

Monday or Sunday

Difficulty level:

  • Easy (from complete beginner to advanced level)
  • Dive location: we always dive in the most perfect spot, south of Tenerife
  • Total duration 2 hours

Price includes: 

  • Spanish – English speaking qualified diver
  • Full equipment: tank, goggles, neoprene suit, weights, etc.
  • Accident insurance

Cancellation conditions:

  • Cancellation is free of charge 24 hours before departure date

After booking and payment you will receive a voucher in English and Hungarian, which you will be asked to show to the dive instructor! 



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