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Masca Tenerife, Masca Valley: things to know and hiking tours

Get to  know the Masca Valley in Tenerife 

The village of Masca is a famous place in Tenerife, as it is located in one of the most beautiful National Park of the largest Canary Island. This tiny mountain village of only 100 inhabitants is located in the northwestern region of Tenerife, in the Teno Mountains and National Park. The Masca village and valley of Masca, at an altitude of 650 metres, is accessed by a very  narrow, but good road. The views along the way are amazing, with the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding three Canary Islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma. In addition to the Masca hiking and the Masca valley, wet canyoning is also available. Read further for Masca and Carrizales infos.

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Where is the Masca Valley?

  • In the north-west of Tenerife, but very close to the south – Map
  • The Masca Gorge is located near the town of Santiago del Teide

Masca Hiking tour

The Masca hike is recommended for groups of friends, couples and families with older children. It is a moderately difficult hike. The group hike starts at 10:00 am in the village of Masca and leads along a well-maintained hiking trail to Masca beach and back to the village of Masca. The hike takes you through a varied landscape, past a stream, palm trees, unique cacti and huge rocks. With the help of an English-speaking mountain guide, you can explore and discover the famous Masca Valley. We believe that the Masca Gorge is one of the most beautiful places in Tenerife. We recommend it to adventurers and all those who enjoy hiking in an exciting and unique environment.

What is Masca famous for?

Peru has a Machu Picchu, Spain has it’s beautiful and unique Masca

  • Huge volcanic boulders, palm trees, cacti, special flowers, hollow rocks, solidified lava flows and streams on the tour through the Masca Valley on Tenerife
  • As of the story the pirates hid their treasures here
  • Before the Spanish conquistadors, the indigenous Guanches also lived in this area
  • Fantastic tranquillity and landscape in the village of Masca
  • OPINION: Peru has a Machu Picchu, Spain has a Masca. A similar special place and a very special energy in Masca

How do you get to Masca?

  • By car, public transport, taxi or bus
  • Tip: Hire a car and meet the tour guides at the starting point

What should you know about the hiking tour in the Masca Valley?

  • The Masca Gorge near Los Gigantes
  • The weather is changeable, especially in winter
  • Advance booking is required to visit the valley.
  • There is a guided hike into the Masca Valley
  • The hike is moderately difficult/difficult – 10 km hike in total, downhill and uphill
  • Difference in altitude: 650 m downhill and 650 m uphill
    4-6 hours hiking time

Where is the Masca tour meeting point?

How far in advance do I need to book to Masca Valley?

  • 2-3 weeks in advance is important to book as places sell out very quickly

How many people are allowed into Masca Valley?

  • Only about 2-300 people are allowed into the valley per day

Why should you go on the Masca tour with us?

  • Professional guides
  • Good atmosphere, friendly and highly qualified mountain guides
  • The Masca trek is a difficult hike, but with the help of a guide it becomes enjoyable and easier
  • Friendships can be made during the trekking
  • Small groups
  • Tip: book the Masca hiking tour here

What should I take with me on the Masca trek?

  • suitable hiking boots (to be checked at the meeting point)
  • backpack (20-30 litres)
  • 1,5-2 litres of water
  • banana, protein and energy bars, seeds, sandwich
  • layered clothing
  • hat
  • sun cream
  • ID card or passport

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