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Tenerife Adventures

Top 5 sights in Tenerife (in winter)

1. Catamaran trip for dolphin and whale watch.

Just take a boat from Playa de las Americas with you can go to the nearby waters in a brief and see these beautiful animals with a high chance. You can find places and trips where you can also do scuba diving if the bit chilly water doesn’t stops you.

2. Hiking around Mount Teide
In this local national park you can find the best spots to discover the beauties of nature and also give into your passion just to hike around and feel free. One of the best destination should be Parador Nacional de Montaña Guajar for this.

Alto De Guajara
3. Visit Siam Park

If you have kids, this is the best destination for you because this water park is known to be one of the best in whole Europe. And if you haven’t lost your child spirit entirely, well this park will spark joy to you as well.

4. Walk around in Puerto de la Cruz
Maybe the most nostalgic and cozy place you can see on the island. Here you can have a nice walk and feel like going back ages into much more peaceful times.
5. Enjoy the sandy shorelines of La Tejita and Las Vistas
On the south coast you can feel the smooth sand under your feet at these beautiful beaches and also enjoy the scenery of the ocean.


Puerto de la cruz

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