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Best beaches in Tenerife

Best beaches in Tenerife

Best beaches in Tenerife

Best beaches in Tenerife

There are very few days on the island when the sun is not shining. The weather is warm on the beach, but the air is pleasantly cool in the mountains. In this article, we’ll round up the best beaches in the south and some of the unique beaches of the northern part of Tenerife. 

These are the beaches to visit in the south:

El Medano: 

A golden sandy beach with a beautiful ship’s floor. A great place for wave surfers and kite surfers. There is also a designated area for beaching. It’s usually windy, there are plenty of good bars, and it’s cheaper than the bars on the beaches of Costa Adeje. Very lively, youthful, trendy place in Tenerife. 

Los Cristianos:

An artificial Saharan golden sand beach, a favourite with tourists. There is a large square, plenty of bars, restaurants and cafés, and long walks along the ocean beach. It is also know as part of Costa Adeje, the most popular place of Tenerife. 

Beaches of Las Americas : 

A continuation of Los Cristianos and part of the Costa Adeje are the beaches of Las Americas, with several sandy beaches and a volcanic beach, the latter being the surfing spot of the south, where wave surfers practice in good numbers.

Tips for Tenerife: The beaches of Costa Adeje (Los Cristianos and Las Americas) are crowded, so start early with a jog, run or walk, and then sunbathe early when the crowds are few.

Playa del Duque: 

Playa del Duque has two beaches. One is a golden sand beach, the other a black sand beach. Wide beaches, usually fewer people are on the black sandy part because in summer and autumn the sun gets very hot, but in winter the black sandy beach can be excellent. It is one of our favourite beaches because it is very beautiful and you can walk for a long time.

Tips for Tenerife: walk to the fishing village of Caleta and enjoy the oceanfront plaza.

Play La Arena: 

In the municipality of Puerto Santiago is the small beach of La Arena, with its black sand and beautiful location. From the beach and the promenade of Los Gigantes, a 15-20 minute walk away, the sunset is incomparable. The sun sets behind the nearby island of La Gomera, which offers a spectacular view and it is a top attraction.

Tip: take a stroll along the promenade in front of the Barceló Santiago hotel for the most beautiful sunset views.

These are the beaches to visit in the north:

Punta de Teno

With its lighthouse tower and magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and the cliffs of Los Gigantes, it is one of the most special places in Tenerife. Also known as the meeting point of north and south, the road to Punta de Teno offers wonderful views and a wonderful feeling. It is a must-visit place in Tenerife. Few people enjoy the views from the beach, as Punta de Teno has limited access. 

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