Tenerife Adventures

Tenerife Adventures

Canyoning in Tenerife

Canyoning in Tenerife is an unforgettable adventure. Especially in winter. Why? 

There are many volcanic valleys in Tenerife, so called barrancos. Normally these barrancos are without water. However thanks to the rains, the valleys changes to a  paradise with lots of waterfalls and natural pools. And then the fun begins. You have the possibilty to jump into the natural pools and go down in the waterfalls. It is like Siem Park but in a more fun and natural version. 

 It is impossible to go to these beautiful  valleys without a canyon licenced guide. A good example of an amazing canyon valley in Tenerife, with lots of water is Barranco Carrizales. The bellow video was taken during one of our canyoning tours in Los Carrizales. 

The other option for canyoning is the dry version.  Here you will go down via the help of ropes. A good  example for nice valleys are La Linde or Barranco Los Arcos.  In La Linde there is a big rock a so called bridge (with a hole inside) from where you can float. There are a wide range of descent from 5 – 30 meters as well. Barraco Los Arcos is one of the easiest canyoning tour in Tenerife, suitable for beginners and for families as well. 

For more information of the canyoning tours, please click here. 

A good example of Carrizales canyoning tour: 


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